Hot off the Press…

You’re doing great work and I’m honored to participate when I have something to contribute to the conversation.

Best wishes,

–Roz, Boynton Beach, FL

It was such a pleasure to see Cynthia taking hold in such a mature, poised, self satisfied way.  I was very impressed by her and by all your efforts you are making on her behalf.  Well done!

–Betty, New York, NY

Amazing response! Clear and actionable. Can’t wait for the rest. Thank you
–Tina, founder of www.Parental



How wonderful for Cindy to be so engaged with the arts!  She has indeed grown and blossomed so much through the years.  Indeed….Cindy is like a butterfly!!!  I think this is all wonderful for Cindy….and YOU are the reason why Cindy is the marvel she is today!!!  You never gave up on her….never…right from day one you believed in her immense potential–and that potential has now taken the spirit and the wonder of a butterfly!!!!!  If you ever have moments when you doubt yourself, think of what you have helped Cindy achieve!!  She truly is an amazing and unique individual!!!!
— Maria Elena, Tamarac, FL
You are a very special mother and
It shows in your beautiful daughter
Cynthia. You were able to identify
her special talents and made her
so happy to be herself!
– Cheri, Great Neck, NY

The writing on your website is great! Cynthia is very inspirational indeed! Not having worked with her artistically in quite some time, it was a great pleasure to create with her again. I forgot what great attention she gives to detail and what a natural artistic muse she possess. In such essential yet subtle ways, she immerses her whole being in the creative process and keenly builds to a cohesive result.

– Tessa, Art Teacher, Cape Cod, MA

Others said recently…

Hi Sally – amazingly well done, and it’s so “you” – this should be very successful. Hope you are getting a great response and enjoying this new stage of your career.

– Herb, Statistician, Needham, MA

Now I see it!!! Great response!!! Love the last three bullet points!! Thank you!

– Anonymous Mother

I enjoy all of your tips, as you know, but I really love this one! My daughter (age 5) will think this is terrific. She loves talking about things that went well during the day, people who were happy and things that others did that were kind/thoughtful, etc. She enjoys pointing those things out to me at night when we snuggle before bed. Her younger brother isn’t quite ready for this yet but I’ll start doing this with her. Perhaps we’ll also do it at dinner time with our 13 year old and just make it a family affair… thanks, Sally!

– Shara, Owner

What a great blog! I love all of the information. As an early childhood teacher I will definitely be returning for some new and fresh ideas.

– Reader, Blog post


I love when people come together and share opinions, great blog, keep it up!

– Ella, Blog post


Thanks so much for sharing! This is something so simple that many of us overlook but so meaningful!!~ Stay blessed!!

– Chari, Blog post


Looked it up, read it, love it. Of course, I’ve always agreed with your common-sense, relaxed parenting advice and insight into early childhood development.

– Brenda N, Parenting speaker, author and radio host, Columbus, OH area


Fantastic article, thank you both for allowing me to share these wonderful, spirit-driven tips and perspectives with my social networks as well. Whether homeschooling, unschooling, staying at home, working, or raising special needs children, your post applies to all of us! Keep up the great work!
– Debi, Blog post

Old Favorites…

I read Chapter one and I LOVE your book – will be sending an email to my MOMS club chapter recommending it to all moms.  I’m saying please and thank you to Marissa even when I’m in a hurry now ;-).  Already seeing a stronger sense of self in her – how amazing!

– Warmest Regards, Lisa, Boca Raton, FL

A special round of applause to Dr Sally for being such a great guide in this learning journey about action research and for all her patience and understanding.

– Adriana M, Phoenix, AZ

Hi Dr. Sally,
We would love for you to continue with your articles each month. Your articles have touched me and generated much thought and new or forgotten feelings about how I spend my time or things I do with my children. I know other people who read your articles must feel the same way and I would love to be able to continue giving them your good advice.

– Sincerely, Anthony, FloridaWise Magazine, West Palm Beach, FL

I started reading the parenting manuscript this morning…all I can say is WOW!!!!  It’s a good thing I hadn’t evaluated this one first-I may not have been as complimentary with the child development….it is so good—when will it be coming out?  I really wanted to email all my associates and tell them about this text—it is that good–you will let me know when it is available and when I can share it with my colleagues….

– Shanon Holt, Boise, IA

Hi Sally,
I’m glad you’re enjoying Phoenix. It was hard to find someone to fill your shoes, since you did such a wonderful job, but Debbie is doing a nice job.  I’ll tell her you say hello.

– Ivonne Amor, Producer for “Parent to Parent,” Channel 7 FOX TV

I really can’t tell you how enjoyable you have made this last class for me! Your dedication to helping has been amazing and I appreciate all of the time you took answering my questions. It was a great end to a long journey! THANK-YOU

– Michelle, Phoenix, AZ

My niece and I enjoyed the meeting so much and can’t wait to make the book…count us in also. We rushed home and made the picture/name plate for the kids’ door and also the name cards. Dr. Goldberg was a doll and so interesting……great easy ideas.

– Trish, Mesa, AZ

I have thoroughly enjoyed your book.  I borrowed it from the library at first, but I liked it so much I bought my own copy.  My daughter just had a 2 year old checkup with the doctor and he was amazed at her intellectual skills…and to think it all came about as a result of playtime with the right kinds of educational toys.

– Thank You, Myra L Harvest, AL

I can’t thank you enough for giving me, through your book, the help I needed to get Jenny off to a good start without having to buy many expensive toys.  I’m also hoping in the future to share your book and ideas with my Mom’s group and maybe teach a class at our ladies retreat next year.  Many people comment on what Jenny already knows, I always tell them about your book and the ideas I got from it.

– Thanks again! Myra

Hi Sally,
Again thank you for giving me tools to teach my daughter in a fun inexpensive way.  She now loves to learn.  Thanks for helping me instill that desire in her.

– Myra

Dr. Goldberg,
I have been waiting for a while to write you this e-mail to let you know about my new journey in life.  I’m proud to let you know this because you are one of the blessings found in the path of my life.  You were an instrument in my student life that through motivation and hard work inspired me to continue the path planned and work even harder to finish the race. Thanks for your words of encouragement and many blessings for you and your family always.  Continue inspiring those students around you.  You are a treasure of a professor.

– Roberto Luciano, Education Specialist, Esperanza College of Eastern University, Philadelphia, PA

Hi Sally ..
The committee loved your articles month after month. I wish you the best of luck and whenever you’d like to submit something, feel free to send it over to me.  I would be more then happy to print it.   You were a pleasure to work with, thank you again for your all of the time you gave to the Viewpointe.

– Best to you, Darlene Kessaris, Editor, Viewpointe, Boca Raton FL