Stay Wellers

Hmmm I think this article holds the key to our safety.

U.S. health care system ranks last among 11 wealthy countries, report finds

This man looks like he is grasping at straws to save himself from getting sick.
We need to help him, of course! Right now there are only two groups to turn to for help:
1. Vaxers
2. Unvaxers
Thanks to all the support from so many, we now have a third:
3. Stay wellers–Those are the people who know how not to get sick.
These people can have vaccinations or not. According to the information being released, everyone has almost an equal change of getting sick and/or sick again. What will “separate the men from the boys,” so to speak, is knowing what to do daily, actually all day long, to stay well. Here is a big clue, but there is actually more to it.
That means there really is a way to conduct your life so that you don’t get sick. How empowering is that! 
By knowing how to build your immune system day in and day out you have the cure, the secret and the strength to do what really needs to be done–stay well from the inside out. 
We can also teach it to others by focusing on these four pillars: BREATHING (deep)   FOOD (natural)   MOVING (at least every hour)   SLEEP (enough and well). 
Once you get the hang of it and find your own ways to implement each of the four, you have it. Not only that, you will love what you are doing and will probably never want to give it up. You can’t beat that!
I didn’t make any of this up. Nature did, and She is really good at what she does.
The news these days is terrible and keeps getting worse! Nothing makes sense, and one specialist contradicts the next. However, we owe it to ourselves, children and grandchildren to do what is right–get real “knowledge” about health and how to keep it.
Thank Heavens for this article and in particular this quote in it.
“Overall, of our $4 trillion in U.S. health expenditures, we spend less than 3% on public health, 5% on preventative services, and 6-7% on primary care,” Dr. Anand Parekh, chief medical advisor at the Bipartisan Policy Center, told Yahoo Finance. “If we really want to improve population health, we must invest in these three areas.”
Right now you and I are taking the first steps–finding out about the IMMUNE SYSTEM and then teaching it to others.
We have come a long way, and believe it or not … we are almost there.
Please feel free to contact me for more information. There is a lot.
Wherever you go, let your heart take the lead!

Then follow your heart and you’ll never get lost.

Amazing how well everything goes when your heart gets involved.
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