Let’s End Gun Violence Before it Starts!

Mass shootings are shocking, and they should be! Together with other everyday killings, they have become commonplace; and that needs to stop. 

Crazy as it sounds … Legislation for “universal” early parenting can put an end to the whole problem and more quickly than you might think!

The solution to ending gun violence is prevention–giving essential parent support right from the start. Study after study have given the same results—early positive input in the first three years correlates with success in school and later in life.

Violence is not new to us, but the way to stop it is. This is how we know!

Back in 1994 the Carnegie Commission conducted a multi-million dollar research study to find out why there was so much crime and violence in our country at that time. While they thought they were going to find that it was because of what happens to teens, young adults, and in the prison system, they did not. After examinations of all kinds the evidence showed that the cause was solely related to what happens to children during their first three years. Abuse and neglect were glaring factors, and more specifically, there was a lack of attention in these five areas–nurturing love, guidance, support, protection and educational stimulation.

Brain research took the search to the next level. Using brain scans of two-year-olds they found that the ones that were from children who were talked to kindly and nicely on a daily basis had brains that were large and well-developed, while those that were from children who heard language with short choppy sentences like “Stop that. Come here” and “Leave me alone” had brains that were smaller and less well-developed. Here is the worst part. These results were irreversible.

Success in Hampton, VA was another striking example that led the way! It was a city in 1989 that was ridden with crime and violence, and it turned itself around with support for new and young parents, especially in the first year. Who would have thought that something as simple as time, money and energy invested in early parenting could make such a big difference, and yet it did!

No baby was ever meant to end up at age 18 shooting up a school, movie theater or shopping center

Providing preschool is one thing but also too late to accomplish the task. The most important development happens in the first three years. Legislation for early parenting holds the real power. We must do what we can to help all parents as they go through these very exciting yet equally difficult times.

Confident parenting saves lives.

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