Fresh Air, Sunshine and the Best Kids’ Street Ever!

There is nothing like a good problem to bring out a great solution.

Problem: “I believe many of us are all in the same boat; we have all been social distancing for months, and our kids are craving human contact and need some fresh air.” Thus went the description of a difficult situation described by a creative parent who lived on a quiet street in Mesa, AZ.

Preparation:So after talking with some other moms, we decided to come up with a P.E. class.” The idea was to make it so that the kids could get exercise and still be spaced apart at the same time.

Figuring it out: “We all started googling for ideas and came across a sensory obstacle course. The best thing about the chalk course was that we could focus on any skill level.”

Starting the process: “I let Grayson pick out activities that he liked.” His idea was a log bridge,” and he wanted me to put in wrong answers, ‘traps’ for kids to jump over.”

Watching it grow:The whole neighborhood got their own areas to play, and that made social distancing not a problem.”

Keeping it going: “As the other moms saw them, they created their own.”

Imagine from one sensory course, grew many! Then the best part was that the old daily walk evolved into visiting a multitude of stations full of activity, learning and surprise. 














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  1. It seems that “virtual” schools for young children are starting to pop up all over. This is not good.

    Even two Zooms in a row is taxing for the body. It will take only three years of this to make everyone sick in one way or another … and not from Covid. That is the least of our worries.

    There are many ways to create safe spaces for children. Small groups and being outdoors are just a beginning.

    This is very serious what is going on now.

    It is wonderful to read what these creative moms are doing. So much education can be packed into their system.

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