Covid Relief!

 Covid Relief!

There was a survey of 1,000 parents. 87 percent reported parenting being so chaotic that they just had to get away. Nearly half reported “hiding in the bathroom to get time alone.”

Something is wrong with this picture, actually a lot. Learn new ways to survive with strength, joy and excellent health.

 Parent Advocacy



Learn basic strategies for maintaining body, mind and spiritual health. This meditation-based course introduces each week new tools for healthy living. Every session includes guidance for how to keep practicing your skills. 

Class meets 4 times.

5662    Th            5/13 – 6/3             12:30 – 1:30 pm ET  20+ yrs   $40

5681    Th            5/13 – 6/3              6:00 — 7:00 pm ET  20+ yrs   $40



Learn to stay healthy one day at a time by using specific strategies. Combine breath, body, mind and spiritual awareness to achieve inner strength. All sessions will include applications for the age and stage of your child. Class meets 4 times.

5663       Th            6/10 – 7/1             1:30 – 2:30 pm ET  20+ yrs   $40

5682       Th           6/10 – 7/1              7:00 — 8:00 pm ET  20+ yrs   $40

Instructor: Sally Goldberg, Ph. D., Professor of Education                           

Contact: Bryan Bouk, Fountain Hills Community Center, p: (480) 816-5132   m: (480) 808-4972   e:



        20 20 vision plus one

   Great that we keep seeing better now!

Techniques for staying healthy are everywhere … and working like a charm. Join in the fun!

Sally Goldberg, Ph.D., Parenting Specialist,,

“Your mental state influences your physical health. There is irrefutable evidence to show that positive thinking can make you healthier.” ~Emma Ferris. There is not a minute to waste!

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