St. Patrick's Day shamrock craft (and our next holiday tree!)


You might recall that our family decided we'd turn our kid's Christmas tree into an "every holiday tree" for 2012. This will be our Year of Trees.

Here was our first post-Christmas creation:

Valentine's Day tree

We are now working on our St. Patrick's Day tree. Last night my daughter asked if we could make a craft together. I jumped over to and found a shamrock to print out. I gathered some left-over green tissue paper from a birthday party gift and tore that into small pieces.

Click the image to open and print:


Green tissue paper ripped into pieces:


I glued rolled-up pieces of the tissue paper to the shamrock and tied a green thread to the top for hanging:


My son hung the first shamrocks up on the tree:


We stopped by The Dollar Store last night and I spent under $6 for the next tree. Not bad!


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