Welcome to Early Childhood News with Dr. Sally

sally-with-babyAre you a parent, grandparent, teacher or caregiver? You’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Early Childhood News with Dr. Sally. New insights and tips will go up each week. Your feedback and comments are always welcome. We accept guest articles, upon approval. If you have a parenting or teaching question, please submit that through our Contact Form.


Early experiences are learning experiences and impact your child forever. Look here every week for new tips about how to help your child have the best!

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Ask your question at mainoffice@mommyperks.com. Dr. Sally will answer each and every one on-line at Tuesday Afternoon Tea or privately to your e-mail if requested.

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Parenting techniques work…very well! Check in every week to learn new ones and see how they really work to get excellent results.

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